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Make sure that your home is protected in case of the unexpected! A homeowners insurance policy can help protect you financially should the unthinkable happen. If you’re near Dundalk, MD, then consider reaching out to us to learn more. At Rodgers Insurance Agency, Inc., we can help you explore the different insurance options that are available.


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We can help you learn more about the different home insurance coverage that’s available.

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House insurance is, as the name implies, insurance that is designed to protect you from financial loss should something happen to your house. Generally speaking, a home insurance policy will cover damages related to things such as theft, falling trees, wind damage, vehicles, and more. If you own a rental property, then you can also get insurance to protect your belongings—though this is called renters or landlord insurance and is separate from a home insurance policy.

Our home insurance agency is prepared to help you explore the different coverage options that are available. We can assess your coverage needs and budget to help you determine what the best policy is for your needs. If you’re near Dundalk, MD, then consider reaching out to us for a quote on your homeowners insurance policy.

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